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Pali Studies

This blog is aimed at those wishing to learn to translate the Buddhist Pali scriptures for themselves. Its a novice students attempt to bridge the gap between the intro primers and AK Warder.

Originally a contract computer programmer by trade, Bhante Subhūti is an American Buddhist Monk with roots in the Sri Lanka and Myanmar Forest Traditions.  He ordained in 2001 under The Most Venerable Pa-Auk Sayadawgyi as his preceptor, a monk who is known for his strict practice of meditation and following the full list of monks’ rules which is very rare in the world today.  In 2007 he chose to go to Na-Uyana Monastery in Sri Lanka which also had similar rules and meditation standards. In Sri Lanka and still as a monk, he went through another ordination ceremony which reset his rains count and therefore, his seniority. He returned again to Pa-Auk in Myanmar in 2012. Three years later,  in 2015, Bhante Subhūti had an opportunity to go to Kauai, Hawaii, USA . He was very close to establishing a monastery but decided to leave for one year to allow the donors to save money. Back in Myanmar, he returned to school an earned a Diploma in Buddhism at the International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University.  He now, officially, has 11 “rains” (years of seniority), but has the combined total experience of 17 years. His heart has often floated back to Kauai and he has now returned again this April 9th to see if the vision of a monastery in Kauai can be revived. Bhante Subhūti is very strict in following the Theravada Buddhist monks’ 227 rules, and has not handled money in 17 years. He enjoys meditation, learning, teaching and collecting his food by alms where it is possible whether it be in Myanmar, Sri Lanka or Kauai itself.  He says, “It works, but you just have to have faith that it will work.”

Buddhist writings by Americam Bhikkhu Cintita Dinsmore.


Sathira-Dhammasthan, founded in 1987, is a learning community for peace and harmony, providing a variety of programs for people of all ages, genders, and walks of life. It is set in nine acres of trees, with lotus ponds, winding paths and meditative nooks. It is a tiny drop of water, radiating peace and serenity amidst the busy and bustling city of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand.

Ven. Mae Chee Sansanee Sthirasuta is a Buddhist nun and the founder of Sathira-Dhammasathan, in Bangkok. The Center, under Ven. Mae Chee Sansanee leadership, believes that Dhamma is sacred, when it can be applied in the normal way of living. We also believe that every human being has the potential to live a life that is free from suffering. We believe that people can be different and that difference should be respected and accepted.

In all her work, Ven. Mae Chee Sansanee uses Dhamma to bring peace, harmony, respect, and an open heart, without discrimination or bias, into the chaotic world of high-power meetings.

A cross-platform Pali-English reader. Allows intermediate Pali students to read the Pali Canon. Automatically recognizes pali words and gives definitions from the CPED and PED, as well as DPPN if available. Includes text search and dictionary lookup.

This website allows instant lookup of words when mouse cursor hovers over words, and contrast (parallel) reading of Pāḷi texts and translations (if available). The dictionaries include Pāḷi-English, Pāḷi-Japanese, Pāḷi-Chinese, Pāli-Vietnamese, Pāli-Burmese.

The Pali audio site offers a selection of suttas from the Pali canon in English translation which have been professionally read and recorded.

This website includes writings & talks & essays by Dhammarakkhita Bhikkhu (Mahaviveka).
  • Morning Chanting
  • Evening Chanting
  • Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta
  • Dhammapahansa
  • Faith in the Tathagata
  • First and Last Words
  • Mindfulness of Breathing
  • Ovadapatimokkha
  • Secure Refuge
  • Sharing Merit
  • The Noble Eightfold Path



Vietnamese Buddhist temple.


The International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies, founded in 1996, is still a relatively new and small institution, but it provides an ideal educational and research environment for the philological study of Buddhism.

This is firmly anchored in the study of the classical languages in which the Buddhist texts have been transmitted: Sanskrit and Pali in South Asia, various Central Asian languages and Tibetan in Inner Asia, Chinese, Mongolian, Korean, and Japanese in East Asia.

More than a hundred stories with ancient Indian frescoes from Ajanta caves.

Images at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts website.

A library, created by Cheryl Marland, to further understanding and appreciation of Buddhist art.

The objective of this website was to develop an interactive, user friendly and easy to understand website filled with Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha information for individuals interested in Basic Buddhism as well as to individuals learning Advanced Studies in Buddhism. The path Lord Buddha set 2500 years ago for people to attain the highest form of happiness (Nirvana) cannot be followed if one is not properly educated. This site strives to provide this education. has provided various Audio, Video, Pictures, eBook files and more to supplement the information. The goal of this site is to educate anyone who is interested in Buddhism and following the way of the Dhamma.

The meditation centre in Latvia is a result of inspiration and experience we have got at Pa-Auk Forest Monastery in Burma (Myanmar). The place for the center was blessed by Venerable U Acinna Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw during his visit in Latvia in 2009.


Khmer Buddhist temple.

With the support of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, the Buddhist Circuit Special Train, was launched by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd., a Mini Ratna Public Sector Undertaking under the Ministry of Railways, Government of India in the year 2007, with the objective of offering a safe, comfortable & reliable tour package for international as well as domestic travelers on the Buddhist Circuit. This is a fully AC train with a capacity of 274 seats comprising of 72 berths in first AC, 138 berths in second AC and 64 berths in third AC.

During its 7 nights / 8 days journey from Delhi it covers important sites such as Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Sarnath, Kushinagar, Lumbini, Shravasti and at the end The Taj Mahal (Agra). The all-inclusive tour package includes train journeys, hotel accommodation, road transport, tour guide services, tour manager services, all meals, travel insurance, security and monument admission fees etc. during the tour. This train has been awarded the coveted National Tourism Award of Excellence by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India in Feb 2009. In the year 2011-12, the train got ISO certification and upgraded with a number of additional facilities and amenities for providing better services to the passengers.

East Warburton

Buddha Bodhivana Monastery is a branch monastery of the late Phra Bodhinyana Thera (Venerable Ajahn Chah b.1918  d.1992), the well-known and respected north-east Thai Meditation Master. Venerable Ajahn Kalyano is the Abbot of the monastery and resident teacher.

Buddha Bodhivana Monastery is primarily a training monastery for Buddhist monks (bhikkhus), novices (samaneras) and postulants (anagarikas), but it also provides a supportive environment in which individuals, families, visitors and residents are given the opportunity to be in contact with the principles of the Buddha’s teachings and to cultivate those same qualities in their own lives. The monastery is a place to study, practice and cultivate the central elements of the Buddha’s Path: generosity, virtue, mental cultivation, wisdom, and compassion.